Monday, June 11, 2012

TEACCH Work Stations

As with anything, what works best will depend on the child or teenager that you work with. Some students need to have a cubicle style work station to be able to focus. Others can have an open table, and others can even have a desk next to another students. What I learned this year is that it is best not to use a «one size fits all» approach to this: adapt each student's work station to their needs. Here are some pictures from Pinterest showing various ways of setting up a work station. Some use color coded bins (first picture), others use baskets, some use cubicle work stations and others use tables. 

Regardless of the type of furniture (closed, open table, etc.), the work stations in my classroom each have a Time Timer available (it is only fair to let the student know exactly how long they are expected to work), a reinforcement choice board (they can choose their reinforcement), a sand timer (to time their breaks), and a picture of them (so that they know that it is their space). There is a basket in which we put their work ahead of time so that no time is wasted once they get to their work stations. I find this helps a lot (we used to have students climbing up the walls while we would try to find an assignment for them). I hope these ideas will inspire you! Please feel free to share how your work stations are set up. We can never have too many ideas.

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